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 “Tanti anni 'e circo equestre e nun sai f manco 'e capriole”
 “Many years spent in the circus and you can't do the capers”

Chatbot News

Restaurant Reservation Chatbot Template


You’ve now interrupted this person and created a moment for them. In just a few clicks they are talking to your expert chatbot. A few messages later and they have a table booked for the next day and a great meal to look forward to. They completed the whole process without ever leaving the app. […]

Top 5 most popular languages for Artificial Intelligence AI programming


best languages for ai’s syntax is unusual compared to modern computer languages, making it harder to interpret. Relevant libraries are also limited, not to mention programmers to advise you. Its AI capabilities mainly involve interactivity that works smoothly with other source codes, like CSS and HTML. It can manage front and backend functions, from buttons […]

11 Best Twitch Bots for Every Streamer


If they don’t mute the actual stream, it is more likely that they will count as a viewer.ToeKneeTM Percentage Something Generator ! Giveaway allows you an easy way to run raffles in your stream. On the merch giveaways, you will purchase the item. The winner will get a URL to fill out the shipping address. […]

Comparison of natural language processing algorithms for medical texts


It’s not just social media that can use NLP to its benefit. There are a wide range of additional business use cases for NLP, from customer service applications to user experience improvements . One field where NLP presents an especially big opportunity is finance, where many businesses are using it to automate manual processes and […]