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 “Vuoi 'a votte chiena e 'a mugliera 'mbriaca”
 “You want your barrel full and your wife drunk”

Software Development

What is the better Python learning path, Lynda or Pluralsight?


Contents Explore topics More from Javarevisited Crash Course on Python Pluralsight-Course-Aditya However, here you’ll be learning about JavaScript, another extremely popular programming language. Your instructor on this course is a software engineer with 25 years’ experience, who’s worked for the likes of Goldman Sachs and has since gone on to start his own company. That’s […]

Software Development Process Definitive Step-by-Step Guide


Content Software development tools and solutions A Tale of Analysis and Design Software Development Process – Definitive Step-by-Step Guide The four values of Agile Process of software development and its importance Design Provides a flexible and adaptive framework for planning and managing software development projects. Some may be new or revolutionary, and others may simply […]